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Personalized, Predictive & Preventive Nutrition.

About Us

  • Sowmya Bharani


    Sowmya Bharani

    Sowmya Bharani started a Nutrition and Diet Consultancy in London and has been running it successfully since the past 2.5 years. She has been living in the UK for almost 10 years. She went to the UK to get a doctoral level degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from King’s College, London. She is a registered dietitian in the UK and has experience working in the NHS (UK hospital). She has completed two internationally accredited Nutrigenomics courses. Sowmya’s areas of specialty are Autism, ADHD, Diabetes, In born errors of metabolism,  PCOD and sports nutrition . In nutrigenomics counseling, she excels in counseling for DNA muscle, DNA athlete,  DNA in born errors of metabolism and DNA health.


    She regularly reviews research articles for Biomed Central and is on the board of advisers for Positive Bioscience.

  • Dhanyu Vinod

    Dhanyu Vinod

    Dhanyu has over 12 years of experience working as a dietitian in some of the country's finest multi specialty hospitals like Mallya Hospital, Panacea Hospital, Pristine Hospital  etc. She has a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. She specializes in providing diet counseling for Nephropathy, weight loss, hypertension, gout, celiac disease, diabetes, eating disorders, osteoporosis, sports nutrition etc. She provides in depth consultations for DNA Nutritional analysis and DNA disease analysis.


    She has organized health check up camps for 100 diabetics. She also conducted certified nutritigenomics course for dietetic students in Mount Carmel College. She handles all the corporate mergers for NutriGENEus.

  • Radhika Raju

    Radhika Raju

    Radhika has worked as the chief dietitian in the Cardiology department in Mallya Hospital, Bangalore for over 4 years. She has been working in Australia for more than a decade. She is an expert providing diet counselling for cardio vascular diseases, stroke, hypertension, weight loss, nutrition during pregnancy,  lactation, weaning, gestational diabetes and many more. She specialises in  suggesting nutritional intervention after analysing susceptibility to diseases based on  genetic analysis. She handles all the corporate nutrition education programmes for NutriGENEus.

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